Light sensor

Light sensor

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Sensor Light 1W-UNI 3m cable

Simple light intensity sensor for indoor use. The sensor is designed for use with Poseidon and Ares devices via 1-Wire UNI bus (RJ11).

  • Output 0% to 100%.
  • Several sensors can be connected in parallel (each sensor has a unique serial number)
  • Thanks to connector RJ11 very easy and quick installation
Applications and usage: 
  • Connect the probe to a Poseidon unit and receive an e-mail every time someone enters the room (and turns on the light) or leaves (turns off the light).
  • Connect the probe to an Ares unit for indicative monitoring of photovoltaic panel illumination.
  • Can be used for simple detection of access to a cabinet.
    Poseidon makes the illumination intensity accessible through SNMP, Modbus/TCP, or other protocols.



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